‘11.22.63’ Boss Bridget Carpenter on Biggest Changes

Entertainment Weekly has a nice interview with Bridget Carpenter, on what decisions were made to trim the book for the eight-hour Hulu miniseries.

Fans of the book will miss the ‘It’ kids, the Jodie students and the word ‘obdurate.’

The It part, as you know I kept the Harry Dunning part. I did take it out of Derry, Maine, I put it in Kentucky. The reason that I didn’t try to fulfill any of the It elements, which were so fantastic in the book is, it had no dramatic impact. Zero. It did nothing to push the story dramatically forward. It only added atmosphere and this story doesn’t need atmosphere. It was only a bit of a nostalgia trip and atmosphere and I just thought, “No this story is about one singular thing when it’s being put on screen.

It was so funny in the book that he had a Jodie Jamboree and then he had another Jodie Jamboree. He had it twice! I was like, “Man, it’s too bad we’re cutting both of them. We’re not doing one.” That is such a pleasure to read. The thing that I missed is I wanted to do more with Ms. Mimi and Deke and Sadie and Jake. I would have loved to have more interaction between the four of them.

We can’t say “obdurate,” we can’t! God bless you! You would have been right at home in the writer’s room. Because at one point if there was a silence in there and someone would say,”Well the past is obdurate.” We’d go, “Yeah, yeah we know!” There was another line in the book that I thought there was no way that this could translate to drama on television. I think at one point Al says to Jake very casually, “You’ve heard of the phrase, a watershed moment?”

Read the entire interview here…..


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