‘Bad Little Kid’ in fall 2015 collection

The moderator of the Stephen King message board has confirmed that ‘Bad Little Kid’ will be publised in a fall 2015 collection. At last we will be able the read ‘Bad Little Kid’ in it’s original language! Nice to know that it was a 15 month exclusive for the German and French fans.

When asked if ‘Afterlife’ would be included, ms. Mod replied:

I don’t know about Afterlife but have been able to confirm that because it will be a fall release, “Bad Little Kid” will be part of the new collection. There was an exclusive for the French and German publishers for that but it will expire in June 2015.

If I can find the other thread where this was asked, I’ll post it there as well but some of you had asked about whether “Bad Little Kid” would be included. I’ve asked Steve and we’ve confirmed that the exclusive which France and Germany had will expire in June 2015 so it will be able to be included since the collection won’t be out until the autumn of 2015. As of now, the plan is to include it.

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