Under Debbie’s Blue Umbrella

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19 thoughts on “Under Debbie’s Blue Umbrella

    1. Use the passwords from the book to enter the website. ‘kermitfrog19’ for Bill Hodges and ‘otrelaw19′ for Olivia Trelawny’.

      Because it’s a website with ‘TOTAL GUARANTEED ANONYMITY’ there are no old messages, only new.

      What message did you get when entered?

  1. So I tried going on the website just out of curiosity from the book. Turns out it’s real. Is it just made for the book? Or is it an ACTUAL website everyone can use? I logged in with Hodges’s and Trelawney’s passwords and it worked and saw a conversation between them and Mr Mercedes. But it didn’t work with Jerome’s password.

      1. That’s really quite disappointing, still a cool lark to pull as a publisher; can’t help but wish the site really existed… Hmmm. It’s about time I launched something on the Internet… By the way, Thank you, Mr. King, not only for an engaging read – another engaging read, I should say – but for weaving titles/authors so beautifully into your own work, thereby reminding me of a couple that really deserve revisiting.
        As long as I’m here, I may as well take the time to say that although I just started the book yesterday and I’m only halfway through, Im enjoying it as a psychological study ( too many psych courses as a postgrad, I suppose) as well as a story; it was in this light that I realized that Brady’s writing style is nearly identical to that of my only sibling, my brother. While this is not surprising, nor does it make me any more excited to have to witness him listlessly paddle his way through the rest of his life on plant Earth … (Although he, at least, in no way resembles the profile of anyone who would ever take a life. Not even his own. While this may sound like a good thing, it is in most part due to his narcissistic, guilt ridden, drug addled festival of self-pity that’s featured 24/7 in his psyche.)

        1. Alas,as an uniteder (a term that I coined on my
          Lonesome), his intellect is worth repeatedly impressioning unto the masses. 3027664630.

  2. I googled the website (under debbie’s blue umbrella) out of curiosity ad was delighted when it let me log in. Pretty neat feature to the read.

  3. Actually the user ID was kermitfrog19 and the password was smush (on the series anyway) but on the Debbie’s blue umbrella website it lets you put in kermitfrog19 for password with no user ID required. I didn’t get to read the book yet but just watched the series, season 1, man what a great ride! Harry Treadway makes a great psycho villan and glad to see Brendan Gleason as the lead. I like Cynthia Erivo better as Holly Gibney in The Outsider but maybe I’ll get to liking Justine Lupe more as Holly in season 2 of Mr Mercedes which I’m starting right now.

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