Read an extract from ‘Fairy Tale’!

Can’t wait until September? has a sneak peek early extract from Fairy Tale to share with you! Read on…

Radar was at the door. I opened it and she picked her way down the back steps. I started to follow her, then remembered I’d need her leash if we were going to walk on Pine Street. Nor had I rinsed my juice glass. I did the glass and was heading for the peg in the front hall where the leash hung when Radar started to bark, harsh and fast and very, very loud. It was the farthest thing from her I see a squirrel bark . . . It was her Intruder Alert bark. She was once more crouched down in the backyard grass, which was now much shorter and mostly poop-free. She was facing the shed, her ears laid back and her muzzle wrinkled to show her teeth. Foam flew from her mouth with each bark. I ran to her and grabbed her collar and tried to pull her back. She didn’t want to come, but it was clear she also didn’t want to go closer to the locked shed. Even with the fusillade of barks, I could hear that weird scraping, scratching sound. This time it was louder, and I saw the door moving a little. It was like a visible heart-beat. Something was trying to get out.

‘Radar!’ Mr Bowditch called from the porch. ‘Get back here, now!’

Radar paid no attention, just went on barking. Something inside the shed hit the door hard enough for me to hear the thud. And there was a weird mewling sound, sort of like a cat but higher in pitch. It was like listening to chalk scream on a blackboard, and my arms hucked up in gooseflesh.

I got in front of Radar to block her view of the shed and moved at her, making her back up a step or two. Her eyes were wild, showing rings of white, and for a moment I thought she was going to bite me. She didn’t. There came another of those thuds, more scratching sounds, then that horrible high-pitched mewling. Radar had had enough.

She turned and fled back to the porch, showing not a single sign of a limp. She scrambled up the steps and huddled at Mr Bowditch’s feet, still barking.

‘Charlie! Get away from there!’

‘Something’s inside and trying to get out. It sounds big.’

‘Get back here, boy! You need to get back here!’


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