The Shining in Breton

Yesterday the ‘Bretagne Presse’ has announced that ‘The Shining’ is the first book, by Stephen King, translated into Breton.

The book is translated by Olivier Biguet and published by Mouladurioù Hor Yezh, a publishing house specialized in publication in Breton.
It’s interesting to see that a language only spoken by 50,000 on a daily basis, has a Stephen King translation.

If you’re interested in buying; you can get one at the ‘Breton Language Counsil’ for €16,-. As far as I can see is worldwide shipping €3,-?


 Shining, the_br_FR (first page)

Translation : Olivier Biguet
Publisher : Mouladurioù Hor Yezh
Pages : 482
Size : 10,5 x 20,5 cm
ISBN : 978-2-86863-171-8

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