Time Magazine September 21, 2015

X-Ray Vision? No…

On the september 21 issue of Time Magazine a non-fiction text will appear by Stephen King. ‘We asked influential people to consider some of life’s most interesting questions. Here are their answers’ is how Time Magazine starts. I don’t know if all people got the same questions, or only 1 question was asked to SK.

Hopefully it’s more than we can see on the ‘Question Everything‘-part of Time.com:

Telepathy? Not that either…

At first I thought telepathy, but you’d hear some pretty nasty thoughts. X-ray vision? No, you might see some really nasty things. Superstrength? Might hurt someone without meaning to. Mind control? Too tempting—absolute power corrupting absolutely and all that. But would I like to be able to just jump into the air and fly like Superman? Yes, but without superstrength and invulnerability, I would probably be shot down by fighter jets acting on the authority of Homeland Security. I guess the best one would be superspeed, like the Flash. You know, just turn it up to 11 and pull the knobs off. Burn that sucker.

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Time Magazine September 21, 2015

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