Revival US back cover

Just found the back cover of the US-edition of Revival on the net!

Revival_en_US (Back) In one way, at least, our lives really are like movies.
The main cast consists of your family and friends. The supporting cast is made up of your neighbors, co-workers, teachers, and daily acquaintances. The are also bit players: the supermarket checkout girl with the pretty smile, the friendly bartender at the local watering hole, the guys you work out with at the gym three days a week. And there are thousands of extras–those people who flow through every life like water through a sieve, seen once and never again. The teenager browsing graphic novels at the bookstore, the one you had to slip past (murmering “Excuse me”) in order to get to the magazines. The woman in the next lane at a stoplight, taking a moment to freshen her lipstick. The vendor who sold you a bag of peanuts at a baseball game.
But somtimes a person who fits none of these categories comes into your life. This is the joker who pops out of the deck at odd intervals over the years, often during a moment of crisis. In the movies this sort of character is known as the fifth business.


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