Interview in October issue of ‘Maine Seniors Magazine’

In the October issue of ‘Maine Seniors Magazine’ there’s a 24-page interview with Stephen and Tabitha King. It’s all about their personal live and how they are an asset to the Maine community.

Stephen and Tabitha King met and fell in love in their college library. They have been succesfully married for almost forty-five years. Their mutual admiration and love for each other is unmistakable. As seniors, they remain active in their careers and in the Maine community.

Both agree that they choose to reside in Maine because they could not imagine living anywhere else. They are dedicated to the people and institutions of their home state. Stephen King says, “Do unto others, but don’t make a big deal about it. And give a bunch away. No one’s going to bury you with a loaded billfold.” And most notable, he says, “Maine is a great place to be a senior!”


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