Part 2 of ‘Cookie Jar’ available for listening at BBC Radio 4

Part 2 of ‘Cookie Jar’ available for listening at BBC Radio 4.

Cookie Jar by Stephen King – Part Two

A new short story by Stephen King, adapted for radio in three parts. The first of a series of stories of the supernatural by Stephen King, Kate Mosse and John Connolly. Part 2 of 3.

‘I had sort of a peculiar childhood, because my mother was peculiar. Not outright crazy, but very, very peculiar. Stories were her way of staying sane… A way to cover that hole in reality the way you might cover a well with boards so no one would fall in. But her stories stopped working for her. Because the thing she was afraid of was in the house with her all along.’

Cookie Jar is a new short story by Stephen King included in The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, published by Hodder.

Abridged and Produced by Mair Bosworth
Read by Colin Stinton
Music by Timothy X Atack.

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