Stephen King & Richard Chizmar read from ‘Gwendy’s Final Task’

Stephen King and Richard Chizmar read from ‘Gwendy’s Final Task’ which will be in stores from the 15th of February.

“Man, I love this story! The whole thing just races and feels so right-sized and so scarily and sadly relevant. Loved the characters… and the sense of one little girl’s connection to the whole world through this weird device. It all just sang.”
— JJ Abrams

“Horror giants King (End of Watch) and Chizmar (A Long December) revisit one of King’s most popular locales… (this) story packs quite a punch, and the only complaint readers will likely have is that it isn’t longer.”
— Publishers Weekly

“Where the story shines is in the universal questions it asks: how much of any of our lives is our own doing versus a result of intervention from an unseen force? And how much power do any of us have to save the world—or destroy it? Readers will eagerly devour this thought-provoking, satisfying tale, even as it leaves them unsettled.”
— Booklist

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